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Maui Boat Charters Aloha Blue

Aloha Blue Charters (Boat Charters)

Maalaea Harbor Slip  #37, Wailuku, Maui, Hi  96793.

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Why do fish live in saltwater? Because pepper makes them sneeze
Outstanding experience! My buddy and I did the 4 hour morning bottom fishing trip. Trolled for an hour on the way to the first bottom spot with no hits, and we had only one or two fish landed at the first two spots. Then at the third and fourth spots we hit the honey holes. For the 14 people fishing we pulled up about 50-60 fish, and 35 to 40 were edible keepers. Then trolled back to the marina. Ten minutes out from the marina we had a huge hit on the down rigger. The hit turned out to be a 24 lb Ono! Wow, what a trip! The captain and two crew were awesome (Mark, Brian, and Sienna).
Was nice, they had refreshments on board. Crew was friendly. They took about 1/2 the communal fish for themselves though. Especially the tasty little bits.

Don’t let the low price fool you, it was a trawling/bottom fishing/whale watching excursion that you will remember for a long time.
The Aloha Blue Charters Bottomfishing is more of a boat ride than fishing. They waste time trolling for fish nearshore where there are none to be caught by trolling. They don’t follow through with the statement of keep your catch. The boat caught one nice snapper, prized table fair, and they graciously shared one fillet with 14 paying customers onboard. The rest went to the boat crew after they googled and awed over the fish that was caught. Find a different boat ride or a real fishing charter!
Absolutely amazing experience on a fishing charter. Nonstop whale sightings! The captain (Bryan) and mate (Jaren) were fantastic, knowledgeable and made the experience incredibly fun. Definitely an experience of a lifetime.