Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Maui's Best Whale Watch! 100% Environmentally Friendly Trip

The “Hokua” is the number one whale watch boat in Hawaii for many reasons.

  • – Eco-Friendly Jet Drives = NO PROPELLERS
  • – 35 passengers max. = AVOID THE CROWDS
  • – Eye-level perspective
  • – Marine Naturalist onboard to answer any questions
  • – Hydrophone technology, listen to the whales sing live
  • – Guaranteed whale sightings, or your next trip is free
  • – Children under 3 are free with paying adult
  • – Seniors (66+) are discounted
  • – Very fast (more time looking at the whales as opposed to looking for the whales )

During whale season (Dec 15 – April 15), come join us aboard “Hokua”, Hawaii’s #1 Eco-Friendly whale watching vessel. The “Hokua” is a jet driven boat with no propellers, which makes it the most sought after whale watch in Maui. The absence of propellers is much safer for the whales as propeller driven boats injure and kill whales each season. Also, being much faster than the other boats allows you more time looking at the whales and not looking for the whales.

We carry a maximum of 30 passengers. Why go whale watching with “cattle-marans” that carry up to 149 passengers when you can AVOID THE CROWDS. The whales can get much closer to “Hokua” providing you with an eye-level perspective not available on the crowded boats. We always have a Marine Naturalist on board to answer any questions you may have. A state of the art hydrophone allows you to listen to the whales song live broadcast over “Hokua’s” marine speaker system. Guaranteed whale sighting or your next trip is free. Non-alcohol beverages (water , juice, lemonade , iced tea)are available onboard.

Afternoon Whale Watch

  • Adults (13 years old and up) $49.00 + tax & fees + $5.00 fuel surcharge. ($57.51)
  • Children (Under 12 years) $29.00 + tax & fees + $5.00 fuel surcharge (36.08)
  • Seniors (65+ years old and up) $39.00 + tax & fees + $5.00 fuel surcharge (46.80)
    Infants (Under 3 Years Old) Free with paying Adult *includes all applicable taxes.
Whale Watching